Saturday, December 15, 2012

Super Reddit World

Super Reddit World

Super Reddit World
Version 1.0 (work in progress)
This game was adapted from Mario5 by Florian Rappl. Credit for individual elements can be found in the source.
This game is in no way associated with or endorsed by


So far this is little more than modified sprites, but I plan to continue updating and modifying gameplay unless I get a C&D letter... so check back every once in a while. If you have ideas for gameplay changes, leave a comment or message me on reddit (milone). I won't describe the changes I've made so it will be more fun figuring them out. (I'll mention that it's a NSFW post that turns the alien into a white knight.) There are many levels, it may take a moment after completing one to load the next.
The sprites aren't finished, I was interested in getting this working on Blogger so posted before finishing. If the game doesn't load correctly, try again later or in another browser. I tested it in the five major browsers and it seemed to work in all but IE. I recommend Google Chrome.

Move - Left arrow and Right arrow or A and D.
Duck - Down arrow or S.
Jump - Up arrow, W, or Space.
Sprint/Shoot - Shift or F.

If you reuse any elements of the game, please give appropriate credit and leave credits in source intact.