Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CoinMyne acquires CGWatcher and CGRemote, and I have joined the CoinMyne team as VP of Software Development

LOS ANGELESJan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- CoinMyne, a Los Angeles based mining and software cryptocurrency company, has aquired CGWatcher and CGRemote as part of its core software mining product line. Furthermore, Justin Milone, the creator of CGWatcher and CGRemote, has joined CoinMyne as the VP of Software Development.
Aquisition of CGWatcher and CGRemote
CoinMyne, a new firm that specializes in cryptocurrency mining and software development, has acquired the CGRemote and CGWatcher product lines. Both products are used by thousands of miners worldwide to monitor, modify and maintain their miners and mining operations. These miners include hobbyists to large scale ASIC operations and rely on the software to ensure maximum profitability and ease of management of their devices.
CGWatcher and CGRemote Creator Joins CoinMyne
As part of the acquisition, Justin Milone the original creator of both CGWatcher and CGRemote, has joined CoinMyne as the firm's VP of Software Development. Justin Milone will lead ongoing development efforts of both products and will oversee other software projects related to mining as Vice President.
Justin Milone is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space and is the first person to develop a program to monitor and manage both GPU and ASIC miners on a large-scale basis. Justin says, "I am very exicted to join CoinMyne. This situation will allow me to focus my efforts full-time on the CG product line and also work to develop other products that fully integrate with the CG products." Justin Milone will directly report to CoinMyne's COO Scott McCarthy. "I am very excited that Justin has joined the team and he is going to be an invaluable member of our team. His experience in the mining software space is invaluable and unmatched by anyone else in the space," Mr. McCarthy stated.
Mark Price (CEO) states that CoinMyne will initially focus on the CG product line and then will move on to develop a full suite of mining products. "Because support is lacking for existing open source mining programs related to alternative currencies, we plan to step in and integrate CGRemote with our new mining product when it is completed."
CoinMyne will continue to support and develop both CGRemote and CGWatcher and will be heavily invested in new features based on feedback from the mining community. Justin Milone will lead these efforts and will continue to develop and design these products. Justin states, "I want everyone to know it is going to be business a usual. Everything is going to remain the same except for the fact I will have more time and resources with CoinMyne to enhance these products. I also look forward to having a full support team in place for these products."
For additional information or interviews/media relations, please contact Scott McCarthy via phone or text at 310-614-0694 or email
Summary (Recap)
CoinMyne acquires CGWatcher and CGRemote and Justin Milone joins the team as VP of Software Development. CoinMyne continues to develop both products with additonal resources and will also add additional support resources and work on a new mining product.
CoinMyne is a new player in the cryptocurrency space founded by Mark Price and Scott McCarthy. Both Mr. Price and Mr. McCarthy have over 6 years combined experience in the cryptocurrency market and formed CoinMyne to focus on large-scale alternative currency mining operations and develop cutting edge mining software for GPU and ASIC miners. CoinMyne's core mission is to mine and develop top quality fully-supported mining software. CoinMyne is fully vested for long-term operation in the space.
Contact Contact: Scott G. McCarthy (COO/Media Relations)
Company Name: CoinMyne
Telephone Number: 310-614-0694
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Media Contact: Scott McCarthy, CoinMyne, 310-614-0694,
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To answer some questions...

Yes, if you are in the CGRemote beta you will remain in the beta. All previous promises will be kept.

I will continue to lead both CGWatcher and CGRemote development, as well as other projects. The only difference is that I will now have additional time and resources to focus exclusively on software... which is a good thing.

Pricing for CGRemote will be announced in the near future.

We have some other very exciting projects planned... this is only the beginning.

I want to thank everyone who has used and supported both programs.



  1. Congrads! If anyone ever deserved to be in a position like this it would be you Sir.

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    BTW, CGRemote 1.0.8 is falsely detected as a virus by ESET NOD32 7. Any estimate for correction of that?


  4. It is weird, because if I reinstall it and then scan the folder, it doesn't find it right away. Then within a day, the AV removes the cgremote.exe. It's like it is flagging some activity CGRemote is doing over time.

  5. I've replied to your post at since that is a more appropriate post given the subject. I would like to keep the comments on this post to ones about CoinMyne or me joining CoinMyne.

    Thanks for the congratulations... I think all users will find it was a great move in the coming months.

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